t is not good by what can attract customers

now people know if you want to successfully operate a shop, also need to store a better location. However, there are many shops in the shop is not good. This shop is on the main street, but the guest is in a continuous line. What does it attract consumers? In the visit, I learned that the store does have a good practice:

adhere to honest business, taking into account the diversity. This shop’s boss and the boss are young, with a young energetic, in business, you insist on genuine goods at a fair price. Tobacco, snacks, beverages, daily calls, everything is very attractive, colorful goods.

good at analysis, seize the opportunity. Last year, the customer fully grasp the Spring Festival consumption needs to clean up inventory, increase marketable brand complementary, such as "Double Happiness" (our hard red), "Yellow Crane Tower" series, "Double Happiness" (hard classics 1906), "Double Happiness" (classic artists), and other high-end brands. In order to meet the needs of guests. At the same time to re adjust the store display, a large number of selling special purchases for the Spring Festival placed in front of the store, posting banners to create a festive atmosphere of the spring festival celebration.

no I have, new listing. When a new brand market, when other shop owners are still hesitant, this new shops have been listed, complete brand gather popularity.

to enhance the display of cigarettes, improve brand sales. Young people in the current popular words: a areca a cigarette, drinking beer. So the shop owner will areca, beer in a prominent position, with the popular language introduced the three best match. Through active brand promotion, the smoke of the hotel brand sales trend is good, steady sales rose.

it is not good to do? Do not let the shop business is bad? In fact, if we can grasp the strategy of more store operations, even if the location is not good, store operations can also be simplified. So, there are more than a small series of reports, if your site is not ideal, know how to improve the business?