EBook ten brands list

e-book as a product of modern science and technology, so that millions of people’s lives become more abundant, but also let the e-book market is more and more broad, the brand is more and more. Next, let Xiaobian for you to reveal the book’s top ten brands list, if you have the demand in this area, which can choose to more reliable e-book brand.

ebook ten brand list NO.1, Hanvon – Hanvon Polytron Technologies Inc:

A Well-Known Trademark in China, Beijing famous trademarks, ten Book brand, one of the largest e-book manufacturers, Hanvon Polytron Technologies Inc.

e-book ten brands list NO.2, Amazon – Amazon Co:

the world’s largest online retailer of goods, Fortune 500 companies, the world’s leading brands, the top ten e-book brands, Amazon Co.

e-book ten brands list NO.3, Shanda Bambook – Shanda Shanghai Development Co., Ltd.:

China well-known trademark, one of the largest network of original literary platform, the leading interactive entertainment media companies, Shanda Shanghai Development Co., ltd..

e-book ten brands list NO.4, SONY SONY – SONY (China) Co., Ltd.:

was founded in 1946 in Japan, the global leading brand of high-end imaging, the world famous brand, the information technology industry leader, SONY (China) Co. ltd..

e-book ten brands list NO.5, Newman Newsmy – Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.:

China famous trademark, Beijing famous brand, high and new technology enterprise, one of the famous brands of digital industry in China, Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., ltd..

e-book ten brands list NO.6, Taiwan TECLAST – Guangzhou commercial Mdt InfoTech Ltd:

is one of the most famous IT information enterprises in the world. It is a national high and new technology enterprise. It is the ten largest brand of electronic book. It is the general agent of Guangzhou Business Information Co., ltd..

ebook ten brand list NO.7, Hanlin Hanlin – Tianjin Jinke Electronics Co. Ltd.:

Nankai University and Hongkong Pang Jin group joint venture high-tech enterprises, >