Shop decoration details

shop decoration is an important part, but also a headache. Want to be satisfied with the decoration is not easy. What are the small suggestions can be used? Xiaobian finishing a few points, hoping to bring some reference to the merchant, and quickly learn it.

1. store color, shop door and counter position

Shopfitting color is very exquisite, especially the internal decoration should be more carefully, different industries should be carried out according to the characteristics of the decoration, is also must consider the aesthetic viewpoint and the psychological characteristics of the customers, the red will make people excited, and a shop inside the surface color, and orientation the owner of the store and the birth, the sale of goods five property combination account. Net worth. Shop door is not suitable for too narrow, too small will affect the customer’s mood, affect sales. The counter can not be placed at the exit, so that customers will bypass, which is an instinctive reaction, will stop at the counter next to the stairs to 2 meters away, there will be good results.

2. sound

every store will play their music, but differ according to different industries, but do not think that as long as the voice over town neighbor can, this is also very particular about the music itself can create an atmosphere, if you are not entertainment, don’t play too exciting music don’t play with, more loudly roar music, soothing music can let customers stay in the store, will feel relaxed.

3. escalator


should be combined with Feng Shui, don’t take the escalator to the shop door, if you have it, as far as possible to use the shelves to shelter, not the door he saw the handrail, Feng Shui "joy in this roundabout, otherwise you jealous tears", this is the general attractions customers to go away to buy things without money.

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