What are the magic weapon to become a good shop

in the current era of entrepreneurs want to run a shop is actually very simple, however, it is not easy to store this shop into a good shop. In fact, how to operate an ordinary store into a good shop, which is a lot of magic can be for us to master. So, what are the magic weapon to become a good shop? Let Xiaobian to introduce it briefly.

1. customers are mainly for the purchase of goods, so the store’s color value is very important.

want to jump out from the mall and shop, the product looks we can’t control, style is not fixed, but we can undertake collocation, for example: according to the seasons, festivals, weather updates display accessories. The appropriate jewelry can not only highlight the taste and value of the product, but also to the customer "first impression" to attract each other into the store.

2. to do marketing into the store before the campaign is very important.

During the

event, the store is bound to prepare some gifts or gifts, rather than placed in the warehouse, it is better to put them in a prominent position in the doorway to give customers a more intuitive visual stimulation.

your gifts should strive to make a personality, do not have the same as most shops, if the bright colors, large size, can reflect the sense of dignity, will be more effective. Facts have proved that there are a lot of transactions are due to customer interest in the gift.

3. to tell the truth, shopping guide stood at the door to greet customers through, but a technical activity.

if I met who is years of constant "shop at a discount, come to see ah, shy or encountered strong minded customers, walked away, but lost the opportunity to enter the shop.

is the correct way to see: for example, a slow, tired looking customers can tell him there is a sofa in the store, take a rest for children; customers told him there was a child in a toy store, send for a long time in the mall; customers can tell each other about the brand awareness, the style and connotation of information in short words.

4. can best represent the brand style and tonality of the product, must be placed at the door of the highest exposure.

such products are often higher prices, the daily volume is not large, but it can be used as a boost force grid store advertising. In other words, they are the best, not necessarily the best. In addition, to place a take the amount of money, with the price to attract potential consumer groups to a wider, to hit more customers, tall and are down to earth.

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