Taro fruit dessert franchise introduction

joined the project selection of taro dessert fruit for dessert? What fruit dessert taro this brand, look Xiaobian to introduce you to the following.

taro fruit belongs to Shanghai Chuan Xi Restaurant Management Co., taro technology originated from Taiwan Taipei, 2012, introduced by the company, currently headquartered in Shanghai,


main hand fruit taro taro, grass jelly, tea, is currently the most professional desktop dessert making one of the experts.

taro fruit advocating simple, fashion, bright handicraft shop style, adhere to innovation, to smile and delicacy to every customer


2012 in August, after the preparation and preparation work for more than 5 months, taro fruit formally in Shanghai Golden Circle – People’s Square opened its first store opened, and has been widely acclaimed by customers.

taro fruit is currently in the country has nearly fifty stores, including the famous city of Wuxi, Suzhou agents including Hangzhou, Yancheng, Yixing, etc..

now, people in Taiwan to fruit for dessert, taro taro dessert main signs became popular tastes great, but the market need is not only popular, the market needs to be updated and creative for a long time, need is delicious, nutritious, innovative features. Yes, you will look for me is that we set, Hong Kong style desktop dessert + dessert + coffee, tea, Fresh Juice etc. are special drink and tea 4 1 desktop


taro fruit with taro desktop dessert fruit, grass jelly series, with the Hong Kong Style dessert fruit fishing, fruit juice, tea, coffee, and with the traditional Smoothie nearly 150 products, is a composite dessert is currently the industry’s most abundant and most complete


taro fruit with its own product advantages and experienced management team, officially opened in November 2012 to join the national


taro fruit dessert franchise:

1, joined the business without the need to pay the franchise fee, brand fees and deposits.

2, logistics support (distribution or mailing) and 24 hours after sales service system, cargo safety support.

3, the damage in the transport process has a headquarters burden.

4, the company in a unified retail price basis, directly to discount the way, none of the settlement. According to the results, can also enjoy the purchase based on point and excess return.

5, regional protection: in order to protect the interests of franchisees, in the signing of the franchise contract, I

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