Zhoushan inspection of South Korea imported toothbrush failed

in our lives with a lot of domestic product quality problems, so consumers in the purchase of things tend to be favored for foreign products. Reporters today from Zhejiang Zhoushan inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Bureau recently in the catalog of import and export commodities supervision and inspection work, found a number of unqualified imported parallel wool type toothbrush, inspection and quarantine departments immediately asked for the number of toothbrushes made the shelves. Currently, the batch of goods have been sold in Zhoushan area.

reporter learned that the number of South Korean name "Europe Zhimu toothbrush Yuqu toothbrush" trademark for "O-ZONE". Zhoushan inspection and Quarantine Bureau of a total of 15 batches of the same color samples sent to the laboratory. Test results showed that the batch of toothbrush monofilament top profile pass rate of 50%, lower than the "parallel wool type 60% GB19342-2013 toothbrush toothbrush" limit requirements.

according to the new national standard, the toothbrush monofilament top contour must be removed after sanding and no burr angle. Sanding project unqualified toothbrush, not only can not effectively remove plaque of teeth cleaning effect, will cause damage to the gingival tissue and tooth surface, long-term use will seriously undermine the oral health. In accordance with the relevant requirements, inspection and quarantine departments require enterprises to make the next batch of brand toothbrush handle.

as a Chinese children, we are very clear that things are not only foreign, Zhejiang test South Korea imported toothbrush is not qualified, so the majority of consumers in the purchase of foreign products also need to strengthen safety awareness. Inspection and quarantine departments to remind consumers to buy a toothbrush or brand to try to choose the regular manufacturers of products, observe the packaging is the name and address of the manufacturer, the standard number, but also according to their own choice of oral health hair strength. The bristles have fur, hair and bristles three, more suitable for general use in the hair brush. If the children or vulnerable, gingival periodontal disease should use a soft bristle toothbrush or sharpening toothbrush filament.

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