After that day decided not to waste my life

my entrepreneurial path is the time from the beginning before my graduation from college, I started not very motivated people, was already a senior, not what class, daily is every day in the dormitory nest playing games, watching movies, hoping to put the last year mixed in the past, the when the graduation certificate, just to find a job… The idea is so simple, until one day I saw a video on the Internet, the video also changed my life…

video master called white sister, she passed the readme form, about the use of electronic commerce twists her entrepreneurial experience, she said very dull, but I feel very shocked, she has a highly educated, but also do not understand the computer of rural women, but chose the e-commerce business first, do not say in the business period experienced great hardships, she chose the Ruth entrepreneurship how big courage!

see here I was really embarrassed, a computer illiterate rural women can use the computer to create your own future, and I have received higher education, familiar with computer, what am I doing? Play games, watch movies, love! Wait to find a small job after graduation, to buy a house have to rely on parents… After graduation, employment pressure, employment pressure can be called everywhere, why has never thought about themselves to create their own future as the white sisters? Have a higher education, if we can have her daring Ganpin courage, we can surely do better but! Why didn’t I?

is my lack of such a courage! Now there are many people who like me, while complaining about the unfairness of life, while also full of contradictions nostalgia situation, not willing to take that step, however, who do not know, do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow! No pains no gains no action, no change! Thoughts are just thoughts, no action can not be achieved


the white sister’s success makes me understand a truth: entrepreneurs need quality, the first is the next is the courage, wisdom and emotional intelligence. Now too many do poineering dream, but very few people put into action, why? Because of the lack of courage. Entrepreneurship is the game of the brave. Dare to think, dare to do, is the first capital of entrepreneurs. So it must have white sister that drastic courage and determination.

09 years since the financial turmoil, looking for work has become extremely difficult. We need the courage to start. Maybe someone will ask for this case now business background after all is now facing economic crisis, but everything has two sides, the crisis crisis will also bring opportunities to resolve the crisis into.

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