Beijing Venture Park rooted in Hebei

people know Beijing Zhongguancun is a high-tech enterprise gathering place, and now Zhongguancun has formed a certain scale of society, at the same time in Zhongguancun there are a lot of business is constantly expanding.

R & D in Beijing, made achievements in Qinhuangdao, this is not fantasy. With the Zhongguancun Haidian Park Qinhuangdao branch opened in May last year, has more than 50 high-tech projects in Qinhuangdao. This makes a lot of entrepreneurs sigh, entrepreneurship can not only go to Beijing Zhongguancun Venture Street, you can also come to the Qinhuangdao version of entrepreneurial street, Zhongguancun, the successful experience of the park in this place to take root.

production technology in Qinhuangdao

this has been installed in Qinhuangdao more than half of the taxi intelligent management of the taxi service recommendation letter

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