Chongqing college students can get up to 237 thousand and 200 yuan of funds to support

Chongqing college students entrepreneurship support policies? It is reported that, in view of the problems encountered by the college students in Chongqing lack of funds, the government will give up to 237 thousand and 200 yuan of venture capital support.

6 2, 2009, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, Chen speed in the new normal under the new economic situation in Chongqing, said in an interview, in a series of commercial system reform bonus stimulation, the city added various types of market players, 400 thousand. At the same time, college graduates do micro enterprises can get up to 237 thousand and 200 yuan of funds to support. Medium

Chongqing since January 28, 2014 to implement the reform of the commercial system, allowing entrepreneurs to embark on the road to the lower threshold of the business, the procedure is more simple." Yesterday, Chen speed, at the end of May this year, the city’s newly established market players nearly 400 thousand households, an average increase of 24 thousand and 900 per month, more than 2013 years average growth of 13%.

commercial system reform will be the next step which new initiatives? Registration facilitation is to open up the service of the masses’ last mile ‘key link." Chen said that the next step, the business sector will continue to devolve nuclear rights and registration authority. Meanwhile, on the basis of the implementation of the Declaration on the basis of the Internet, to further expand the scope of online registration, and gradually realize the electronic management of enterprise registration.


business support policies will focus on helping college students into the object, for, just out of college graduates want to start a business entrepreneurs to solve the problem of insufficient funds, in addition to multiple preferential policies the government also provides college students pressure relief.

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