How to choose gold wisely

network has now become a new business platform, and, in the network also appeared a lot of good business opportunities, so now in the process of network business, how should Huiyanshizhu?

online business in the noisy trash pick gold?

said this is gold, because some of the middle, is likely to become like Ding Lei NetEase, Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang, Royal Chen Tianqiao, Baidu Robin Li as characters. Say it contains garbage, because many people think maybe there’s a bear destiny, in fact merely mediocre.

entrepreneurs first need to understand the business direction you choose. Do not think that their preferences is the public’s preferences, from the most common Internet users can use, useful for them to help the business start.

special professional website, must have related resources and professionals, but also doing fine early, they can support their families. Classical furniture website. Popular consumer sites, large market space, as long as there is a certain part of the characteristics of services (features or regions) crowd, you can get good benefits. E-commerce sites.

Third, the entrepreneur’s mind to be calm, integrity, dedication and perseverance. Zhou Hongyi had a famous saying: if I fail, I am closer to success, in short, I do not want to give up in the chaos. If your heart is going to lie to save hundreds of thousands of millions of VCs mentality, even occasionally cheat, but is also the street a few cars, several real "new" public.

Fourth, will your ambition and mission in mind. Don’t think ambition chengdaqi just preaching, this is the eternal truth. An entrepreneur, if you are not a kind of ambition, your team, your employees what trust you? The key is that this kind of ambition, to become a part of your life, not just to lie. Chen Tianqiao wants to build a grand empire of China’s digital empire is the goal of melting in his blood, so there will be a large number of followers, a group of followers who are not afraid of failure.

fifth, improve their professional literacy. Sina’s Chen Tong daily work is very busy, but he has a characteristic: when there are 10 minutes to quietly look at sina ", he can always find new problems or suggestions, then immediately call or call to be recommended

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