Retail business to allow consumers to buy at ease and comfortable

if you want to do a lot of consumers to rest assured that the retail business, naturally also need to meet the consumer’s shopping psychology. A lot of people say that cigarettes are not easy to operate, consumer demand too much, too miscellaneous. In fact, according to my many years of experience in the shop, but I think consumers buy cigarettes to the store is nothing more than two kinds of Psychology: first, buy at ease, and the two is to buy a comfortable. As long as the mastering of the two kinds of consumer psychology, will certainly be able to do the cigarette retail business.

buy peace of mind, naturally refers to the purchase of cigarettes can not be false.

new customers come to me to buy cigarettes, I will first tobacco monopoly retail license light up, dispel customer concerns. To the customer with the smoke, I will put the whole cigarette printing refers to each other. If necessary, I would like to show my smoking records. Although this is a bit troublesome, but in a short period of time to obtain the trust of customers, so that they can buy at ease.

buy comfortable, is that I will take some new marketing strategies, make the customer satisfied, come on an impulse.

I specialized in the store opened a free tasting tasting area, inviting customers to new products. There’s nothing else, just ask them to write a short comment, and I’ll stick them in the shop. Like the comments on the Internet, I have also become a place to comment on new products. Other customers to see these practical evaluation, the concerns of the new products will be eliminated a lot, the store will benefit from the sale of new products.

I returned to the store to apply a micro signal, the two-dimensional code printed out at the cashier. Customers pay out as long as the mobile phone to sweep, you can through WeChat payment of interest and I can also increase mutual friend WeChat. Usually, I will publish some new OTC information or images in WeChat circle of friends. You don’t say, more and more customers are willing to buy new products in my store. Some customers also often stare at me, urging me to release new information!

if consumers dispel concerns, while still allowing consumers to have a pleasant shopping experience, the store will undoubtedly get higher recognition, so that the shop business more prosperous. So, if you come to the retail business, you need to make consumers feel safe and comfortable shopping oh.

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