Shanghai to open a new situation of national tobacco control

long-term smoking will cause harm to people’s health, we all know that the dangers of smoking, but few people to take the initiative to quit smoking. Because in the eyes of smokers, smoking can make yourself happy. Now Shanghai has fully opened the ban on smoking, the theme of the formal implementation of the amendments to the publicity campaign in the morning of the Expo source stage, the next step how to implement the effect, it is worthy of our continued attention.

Mr. Lin said, the hotel management team is very happy to see the implementation of strict regulations, so that they can stand in the angle of jurisprudence to discourage them, rather than ever tasted "". According to reports, the international five star hotel in the first time, the wedding banquet and the customer that indoor smoking regulations have been announced and confirmed on the part of the official website, distribution channels, and at the same time, long-term customers, the hotel has been abolished inside the smoking room supply, upgraded and completed, the vast majority of guests support.

Mr. Lin worry now is whether the government, law enforcement for the "tobacco control" will be strictly to what extent, such as the wedding guests arrived at the scene of more complex sources, plus some China tradition of precipitation, the hotel can not guarantee whether it can completely eliminate such behavior in a day.

in many public places, will stick to the sign of the ban on smoking, to provide consumers with a comfortable environment. The national tobacco control "is not only a simple slogan, the whole society should actively participate in. In this regard, Shanghai City Health Promotion Committee in the early has carried out a full range of publicity work, made and distributed 1 million 500 thousand copies, 3 million 200 thousand copies of tobacco smoking logo poster.

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