Retired pension adjustment work for the province to complete the full replacement of 900 million yua

9 13, the province issued on the adjustment of retirees from January 1, 2016, the basic pension notice, decided from January 1, 2016 to adjust the basic pension pension treatment standards. At present, the province’s social security agencies at all levels of 396 thousand enterprises and institutions retirees replacement pension of $900 million, marking the province’s retirees pension adjustment work completed.

this adjustment is in the economic downward pressure continues to increase, the macroeconomic situation is more complicated in the environment, the provincial government to the province’s retirees do things, fully reflects the provincial government to implement the spirit of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s decision to deploy, to build the ruling ideas of our province to improve people’s livelihood upgrade. This adjustment is since 2005 the province enterprise retirees twelfth times of continuous adjustment, since the implementation of the endowment insurance system for the first time in accordance with the basic pension adjustment measures to adjust the retirement benefits, but also enterprises and institutions retirees first synchronization according to the basic pension adjustment measures to adjust treatment, at the same time for the first time to establish a minimum pension standards. After adjustment, the province level of basic pensions of retirees in the northwest and the country to continue to maintain the leading position.

province this year to adjust the content of the policy and the national requirements are fully consistent, mainly to take the quota adjustment, hook adjustment and appropriate tilt approach, while taking into account the adjustment of difficult areas. State approved the province’s enterprises and institutions retirees average weighted average monthly pension increase of 246 yuan per person, the adjusted rate of 6.6%. Among them, the monthly increase of 215 yuan per person of enterprise retirees, an adjustment of the rate of $7.1% per month per month increase in government institutions retirees increased by an adjusted rate of $5.9%. After the adjustment of basic pensions for retirees, the basic pension is lower than the end of 2015 the province’s average monthly minimum wage of 85%, by the end of 2015 the province’s average monthly minimum wage of $85%.

quickly took care CPC Central Committee and the State Council for retirees to implement our province social security agencies at all levels to advance consolidation retiree basic data on pension information system has preset test and simulation exercises, overcome difficulties and complete the adjustment work on time. The financial sector, and actively coordinate the central financial subsidies to raise provincial subsidies, timely funding in place, to ensure the payment of the treatment to provide a key support. As of the end of 9, the province’s total of 297 thousand retirees from enterprises from January to September for the pension increase 594 million yuan, 99 thousand institutions retirees pension replacement increased 306 million yuan, into the enterprise retiree basic old-age insurance and basic pension insurance institutions scope to increase the basic pension.

from the implementation situation, our province enterprise retiree annuities level has greatly improved, life significantly improved, which plays an important role in promoting the public backing each other, reveal all the details. Organs and institutions to steadily promote the reform of the pension system, adhere to the principle of incremental reform, maintenance;

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