Xiguan Street Xining Office of the red garden into the Kirin Bay

convenience services

activities of the day is divided into six chapters, a main venue. Into the kylin Bay Park, in the circular corridor, the West District Xining City People’s Hospital, Nan Xiang meteorological community health service station, awn hairdressing school, massage is composed of clinic, barber, compulsory massage service team by the public praise.

a massage master put down his business that day, less than 4 in the afternoon to come here to participate in community activities, he even massage beds are moved to the scene. At first, the people of the garden do not believe it is free, "master, is it really free?" "Do not guarantee money, where uncomfortable, I press you." A man shrugged his shoulders. "I don’t have a good shoulder. Does it work?" "Come and go, press the tube will know no matter what." The man sitting in a chair, the master with a skilled massage up, just started, the man also shouted pain, for a while, he put up his thumb, really useful." With the first attempt, we rush to line up, please master massage.

branch field really lively

Kunlun bridge large disk is the Peking Opera Hall, Taiwan "Shajiabang" in "aqingsao" is to fight opponents and the battle of wits, attracted the audience of people applauded again and again. An old man standing in the audience, with the beat, with the actors on the stage to sing up, eyes slightly closed, as a pleasurable occupation.

go to the public, the flower hall surrounded by a tightly. Get in, only to see a man and a woman in the male flowers, his hands over his ears, sing up, the side of the woman holding an umbrella, listen to each other after, immediately came one, around the people listened with cries, in a few words, the name the woman stopped singing and stood for a moment, she covered her mouth smiled and said: "don’t sing, sing, forget the words." He ran out of the hall, the man akimbo shouted: "come on! Then compare!" Attracted people laugh.

in Guozhuang meeting, people dancing with the music, everyone is a professional dancer, intoxicated.

learned a lot of knowledge

how to apply for unemployment? What is the procedure of annual inspection of the employment permit? Basic medical insurance for urban residents and other knowledge, in the process of the public garden, on both sides of the road panels for the public to answer these questions in detail. Many people stopped to watch. Office staff also issued to the public of their own tabloid, which not only describes the community activities, and even Xiguan Street offices within the jurisdiction of the three markets are clearly marked on the vegetable. A citizen while reading the newspaper, said to his companion: "you see, people’s activities are not careful meticulous, both to play and see, but also to understand the information."


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