Promote the utilization of domestic waste Xining 3 District into the first batch of pilot

Reporters yesterday from the Xining City Administration Bureau was informed that, in order to comprehensively promote Xining city life garbage comprehensive utilization, achieve the waste treatment resources, harmless, improve the level of city management, Xining city will implement garbage classification, Victory Road West District Jing Lin Jiayuan district, Xinning Road District, economic and Trade Commission Kunlun Lu Xiang Xingzhi Forestry District, became the first pilot area.

first test! 3 communities to become a pilot

security! Garbage collection was included in the year-end assessment

in order to garbage classification of the measures implemented, Xining Municipal Urban Management Bureau of city life garbage collection will be classified as an important indicator, included in the year-end assessment. Will strengthen the supervision and management of garbage classification pilot work, supervision of the jurisdiction of the community, the property unit to guide the public garbage. Will the garbage sorting work into the city management work agenda, and establish and perfect the evaluation mechanism of the pilot units, for outstanding achievements in the work of the pilot will be rewarded for the working poor, slow-moving units will give notice of criticism.

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