University graduates to community members

in the eyes of everyone, community members are aunt level figures, recently, Xiguan Street office to recruit a community member, did not expect to attract a lot of college graduates to apply for.

June 11th, the reporter saw 6 college graduates resume in the West Main Street Office of community affairs, these graduates have come to apply for the post of community members, including 3 of college graduates just out of school. Xia Jingjing, who has just graduated this year, has collected some information about the community before applying for the job. For the monthly salary is only 600 yuan, but also face a pile of trivial affairs, Xia Jingjing think so: "college graduates does not mean that we must find a well paid job, there are a lot of benefits from the grassroots level, and I have been well prepared to endure hardship."

graduated for two years, Ma Lijuan has a deeper understanding of the job, she has been engaged in clerical work after graduation, slowly, she found himself in the lack of interpersonal skills. A few days ago, Ma Lijuan saw the office of the recruitment notice, and in office staff talk to residents of the community members, the most important thing is to deal with, which requires communication skills, this work can give Ma Lijuan is just her most lacking. Ma Lijuan said: if the application is successful, it will be a promotion of my ability, just looking for a job when graduating from looking for work not too tired, too busy, and now the focus is to improve the ability to find a job."

so many college graduates to apply for a job as a member of the community, the office staff had some accidents. A staff member turned over the candidate’s resume, said: you see, these students have a lot of expertise, such as painting, writing, computers, etc., which are conducive to the work of the community."

, deputy director of the office of Zuo Xiaoling said: "in the beginning, we think there will be many candidates for the laid-off and unemployed personnel, did not expect so many college graduates, this is good, the community construction at the same time, also shows that changing the concept of employment of University graduates. The community positive standardized transformation, need to add high-quality talents, need good interpersonal skills and management talents, of course, this work is not easy, can hard-working, enthusiastic, love and sense of responsibility, can."


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