No photo information account will be frozen

In January 28th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference this year, the city’s public security organs into a large number of police, through investigation and verification, a comprehensive clean up duplicate accounts, completed the 9871 photo collection supplement. Currently, the city is still 18 years of age or more than the population of the population of the information is not a photo, then, the police will take measures to freeze the account of 39125.

it is reported that the Municipal Public Security Bureau in the city’s population information organization to carry out clean-up work personnel photo "hundred days battle", and strive to the end of March, to achieve the city’s population information no photos check the completion rate of staff to clean up 100% of the total goal. Clean up work, on population database over the age of 18 in the photo by personnel door to carry out home to check, and cooperate with other related departments to carry out mutual information verification. Conduct a comprehensive household survey, to find out the situation, classification. On the death, found in the work of military service, out of the country to settle and should not pin off accounts shall be cancelled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the timely; found in the work of false, duplicate accounts, accounts in accordance with the rectification work requirements, based on careful investigation and verification, a comprehensive clean-up, and. At the same time, to prevent the photo without personnel information is fraudulent, the identified as false, duplicate account has not yet finished cleaning the photos without personnel accounts, household survey materials issued by the community police, after the police station leadership approval, can be "frozen account". The "frozen" account, in the household registration (except for cancellation of business), identity card, makeup photos, household registration, issued by the foreign information service and other aspects have to be restricted. Lift the hukou "freeze" to submit a written application by oneself, the community police issued by census materials by the district county public security organs account management department for approval, may terminate the account is frozen within 3 working days". In addition, the frail elderly, travel inconvenience by the police station to collect photos. Unable to work in the field or the police station to collect photos of the staff, the City Public Security Bureau to take online, booking, delay and a series of convenient measures for the masses to provide information collection and identity card processing services.

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