Chase start beautiful countryside to create works

for the grass-roots party construction work to further consolidate and promote the county government enterprises build demonstration village construction, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County launched the "beautiful village" project. In 2016, more than half of the county township construction and strive to become the beautiful countryside demonstration towns and more than 1/4 administrative villages build a beautiful village boutique village and village, more than 30% farmers credit civilization construction has become a "beautiful country of more than five households, 50% of households" construction become farmers credit farmers.

it is understood that the beautiful countryside to create activities to the township as a unit, adhere to the "green development, eco enriching scientific development" as the main line, with the construction of "scientific planning and layout of beautiful, clean and tidy village environmental beauty, the beauty of life, business income of rural civilization and harmonious beauty beauty, democratic management" as the goal, to strengthen the "Five" the Township Party Committee created further revision and improve rural construction planning, enhance the construction of rural ecological environment, foster the development of rural characteristic industry. In order to create activities this year to determine the 31 military enterprises build a model village for the construction of the beautiful countryside construction standards, efforts to promote the whole village, enhance the comprehensive transformation, highlighting the leading characteristics, achieve the level of the beautiful countryside goal. Through the focus on the point of breakthrough, driven to focus on the face of the upgrade, and gradually form a unique, into a scale, the overall improvement of the beautiful rural pattern.

at present, each beautiful rural demonstration villages and towns, boutique village led by a county and township leaders, a number of departments linked. Hanging union leaders and units around the "five good" township party committee and village Party branch building requirements, combined with the present ongoing military enterprises build a model village activities, increase financial support, explore the market-oriented operation mechanism, organize and guide the social capital and business of private enterprises, financial institutions, rural rich group support in the beautiful countryside, to create work, actively encourage and guide farmers willing and labor investment, to build their own beautiful homes. (author: Xiao Liu)

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