Xining 21 farmers market will supply parity aquatic

Seafood, tasty squid, along with the transportation facilities, the people of Xining on the table of seafood products are increasingly rich. In January 6th, for the arrangements and deployment in response to municipal government insurance for price stability, safeguard the basic livelihood of the people, to meet the market demand, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the "center") on the basis of transporting 80 thousand tons of fresh vegetables, from Guangdong, transporting 600 tons of aquatic products, to the way the supply of cheap sales 21 farmers market.Since

in order to maximize the benefit to the people in the city center, the 21 farmers market selling point of delivery, the details are as follows: Scarlett ronghua District, Chang Yun District, in the village square, 71 community, and the community;   the tiger Taiwan District, Xinning Road Green Nuclear Garden District, Victory Road King Lin Jiayuan No. 68 hospital in three, Xishan Xiang agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, South Gate Street, a car in front of the gate of the factory;   the government of Jiefang Road Province, sunshine District, Nanshan Road backdoor Datong Street Lane, Xiangfang Yin Ma Street and Daxing street intersection, at the junction of South Lane Gas telecom area;   three or four, Ma Fang Han Jia Shu Yuan Xigang happy community and dual area, mountains and rivers Sanhe area, area, distribution center market.  

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