Xining this year the city has changed the use of sports management system

In May 22nd, the reporter learned from Xining City Board of education, this year, Xining City Sports senior high school entrance examination test changes, physical tests changed the manual operation for computer input, physical test management system is used for the first time, set a standard closed room. Time senior high school entrance examination of physical testing, June 1st -6 month 4 days (WP).

this year, Xining City Bureau of education by using this system, the manual tabulation to computer input, improve work efficiency, reduce the work intensity; don’t change as the packet test ticket according to the options in independent testing, saving time, reducing the link will be tested; conversion system to automatic generation of computer field the results are announced, reduce error, increase transparency, to ensure the fair.

registration, the school in the form of data to fill in the sports test registration form, so that the test number and the number of information on the culture class test, paper table, electronic watches and sports test information. The examination by the standard exam closed, according to the 8 project will be divided into test, test site and channel syndrome.


test, the school as a unit, candidates with the admission ticket to enter the examination room, through the bar code scanning into the examination room, candidates for examination according to the optional test, the entire test process camera, invigilators fixed.

after the end of the test, the school as a unit, the 8 sub scores derived excel, DBF format, computer information receiving, conversion and print the results, the site announced, candidates after verification, confirmation of the results by locking on behalf of the school after the signing, into the senior high school entrance examination total score. May 30th will be on-site simulation tests, school sports teachers with 10 candidates to participate. (author: Zhao Jing)


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