Xining to create a one stop cultural information services

this year, Xining city business model innovation, scientific management, improve the system, adjust the layout, unified deployment, standardized operation, to further promote the reform of the cultural system, cultural industry development radiate new vitality.

the most profound changes in the cultural system reform, is a comprehensive start of the national public cultural service system demonstration area to create work. This year, Xining city has built the Xining City Arts and cultural services center, build a public cultural network information platform, voice platform, mobile phone client three information platform, the integration of the city’s various cultural resources, providing a full range of digital culture, a one-stop information service to the public. Improve public cultural infrastructure construction, in the north of the city area, Huangzhong County, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and kylin Bay Park Cultural Construction of the small stage, for the allocation of the library of Xining city and Huangzhong County, Huangyuan two 1 mobile library service vehicles, to enable the general public to "zero distance" to feel the joy of culture. Count, in order to facilitate the broad masses of peasants to enjoy cultural Huimin welfare, Xining also actively carry out the culture to the countryside, square performances Huimin project, a total of 875 performances, more than 11000 public film screenings in rural areas, free art training class 70 period, improve the public cultural and artistic qualities and cultural level of art appreciation. To speed up the reform of the radio and television system, in accordance with the "two" the steps of the reform, the establishment of Xining TV station, Xining TV station built industrial center, strengthening the internal and external resources integration, the implementation of zhibofenli.

at the same time, Xining is also in accordance with the "national support, conversion mechanism, market oriented, enhance the vitality of the policy, and gradually improve the state-owned art troupes internal management system and mechanism, distribution mechanism, art production and marketing mechanism, assessment mechanism and management system, improve the level of market operation. Cultural tourism plays "to build the ancient legend" since performance has been, has 75 performances by the audience, both inside and outside the province, become an important achievement of the reform of the cultural system of Xining city. Combined with the party’s mass line educational practice, the complex row Shaanxi modern drama "Tian" Youth "in the sixth session of the Yangtze River Basin has won the 2014 China Drama Festival Award for outstanding drama show". The purpose of creating and creating excellent classical drama, liberate the productive forces, promote the integration of cultural tourism development, the prosperity of the cultural performing arts market, stimulate the restructuring of state-owned cultural units after the vitality and vitality.


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