Provincial Development and Reform Commission bus reform smoothly

Since the

provincial official car reform to start work, the provincial development and Reform Commission attaches great importance to meticulous organization, the first time to set up the official car reform working group, started a comprehensive combing the vehicle status immediately, and combined with the actual unit, formulate specific implementation plan, a clear focus and timing. After the early work and fully prepared, in March 31st, the lake district focus sealed 26 vehicles of official vehicles in general, so far, marks the provincial development and Reform Commission official car reform work has entered into a new period.

4 1, is the first working day after the vehicle sequestration. In the provincial development and Reform Commission, the original organ of vehicles crowded open a lot of workers and cadres of the leadership of the provincial development and reform to adapt to the new situation as soon as possible, arrangements and properly solve personal commuting and urban public travel, near the walk, distance, or take a bus or taxi. Travel changes and feel of the car brings change, we invariably said: "walk, the body is good, can quickly adapt to." For office work, the staff said, we are trying to find ways to ensure that no delay in business, will not affect the work."

comprehensively promote the reform of public service vehicles, is an important measure to strengthen the clean government, austerity against waste, is an important part of the transformation of government functions, to promote the logistics socialization reform, public opinion and urgent requirement to maintain the image of the party and the government. The provincial development and Reform Commission said that the car will be in accordance with the plan, to further improve our service personnel placement, cancel the link of the vehicle disposal, retained vehicle management and other work, to ensure the implementation of the work, the effectiveness of landing car.


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