Focus on innovation to stimulate innovation

Premier Li Keqiang’s government work report pointed out that in the past year, innovation driven development strategy continued to accelerate the integration of the Internet and the industry to accelerate the rapid growth of new industries. Public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation flourish. This year, it is necessary to fully unleash the potential for innovation in the whole society. Focus on the implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote the integration of science and technology and economy, improve the overall quality and competitiveness of the real economy.

National People’s Congress He Feng: "government work report" in the summary of past work and future work arrangements when ink is the most innovative. Qinghai set in the western regions, ethnic minority areas, poor areas in one, the development of relatively poor foundation, so we need to implement the strategy of innovation driven efforts. Fortunately, the provincial government attaches great importance to innovation, innovation in the institutional mechanisms, major scientific and technological projects, science and technology exchanges and cooperation to do a lot of work. As a people’s Congress from the education industry, I think the country in the implementation of innovation driven development strategy on College hopes, but we do not move fast enough, work is not big enough. I suggest that the majority of young people, advocating science education and cultivation of creative consciousness, improving the University Teachers’ job evaluation methods, and support Qinghai create a national solar thermal power generation technology innovation experimental zone ", from the national project to support Sanjiang source region of large scientific data engineering.

National People’s Congress Deng Xiaohui: grasping innovation is to grasp the development, innovation is seeking future. At present, many industries in our country especially the key technology of emerging industries continue to achieve a breakthrough and gradually mature, with big data, cloud computing as the representative of the new technology, new products and new business emerging, for speeding up the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries of great significance. I suggest, in the national scope, organize a team of experts for the popularization of new technology and new business presentations, let these fields networking, cloud computing, big data, intelligent manufacturing as the representative of the use of scientific and technological achievements of social development.

CPPCC National Committee member Wang Jian: with the current emerging new technologies, new industries, new areas, we have to win the initiative in the fierce competition, it must be based on the development of innovation. The current and even future period of time, to fully stimulate the vitality of scientific and technological personnel, enhance the overall strength of science and technology, through the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, promote industrial upgrading, promote economic and social development. The provincial government attaches great importance to innovation driven development, put forward the "key tasks and objectives in 13th Five-Year period, with two double project," thousands of people plan high-end innovative talents and a series of initiatives to implement, will accelerate our province to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, cultivating leading enterprises rely more on innovation driven.

CPPCC National Committee member Du Dezhi: as a researcher, the prime minister to listen to the report to encourage entrepreneurial innovation, while strengthening R & D investment, I am very excited. I believe the implementation of these measures will further enhance the enthusiasm of the majority of scientific research and innovation entrepreneurship, and further enhance the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation, and further enhance the ability of science and technology to support economic and social development;

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