Agricultural and sideline products distribution center on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau 16 official oper

has received much attention from the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center has been fully completed, a wide range of trading venues, perfect facilities, attracting many investors settled. November 16th, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau’s largest agricultural products distribution center will be officially operating. With immediate effect, the original sea lake road wholesale market will be relocated to the center of all commercial transactions. The operation of the distribution center of Qinghai Tibet Plateau has played a positive role in enriching the food basket of Qinghai residents.

according to the Xining municipal government on do distribution center project started operation, security of supply, price stability as soon as possible to play the spirit, from the beginning of November 16th this year, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center began to operate. It is understood that the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center has a cold chain storage and preservation of our province and the largest Tibetan Plateau, can meet the needs of our province in season vegetables, fruit storage, and can guarantee the strategic reserve within a certain range of meat food requirements. Distribution center is a modern logistics industry, focused on solving the problem of circulation of products, improve product production, acquisition, storage, processing and sales of each link in the connection and the speed of information dissemination, reduce transaction costs, and can solve the current market management facilities in place, pesticide residue monitoring is not standardized, no fresh vegetables storage facilities and other defects.

according to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center responsible person, the center has five major trading areas. The trading area, a total construction area of 80 thousand square meters, composed of 23 trading greenhouses, provide trading places for business in different varieties of merchants; cold chain, composed of 2 cold and 53 shops, the formation of vegetables, fruit and meat, frozen food storage capacity of 50 thousand tons; distribution area, a total construction area of 1260 square meters, a total of 39 shops, as the center of logistics services, to provide distribution services for small businesses; commercial area, a total construction area of 35 thousand square meters, 5 storey, 1 to 3 layers for the department store shop, 4 to 5 storey Economy Inn Airport; comprehensive service area. The main building consists of 1 office building and 1 apartment buildings and distribution room, natural gas pressure regulating station, boiler room and other facilities related facilities. It can accommodate more than 2000 businesses at the same time, the operation of the center will make a positive contribution to the province’s rich people’s basket.


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