Forensic pathology training courses held in Xining Province

in April 19th, the province’s forensic forensic forensic training courses held in Xining, from the province’s more than 40 forensic forensic forensic experts participated in the study and training.

it is understood that the training aims to invite experts of forensic pathology identification of areas of the country and even the world’s most authoritative, on the frontier of theory and practice of forensic pathology of topics to explain, help our province forensic pathology to further broaden their horizons, expand knowledge, enhance the ability and level of occupation, a solid foundation for future development the judicial authentication work.

training special forensic science and Technology Research Institute deputy director, director of forensic physician, doctoral tutor Chen Yijiu speaker, he combined with the identification of a large number of cases, the cause of death for forensic pathological identification, the relationship between injury and disease in the process should grasp the key points, and concern the identification inspection methods and practices were focused on and on the current domestic and foreign related forensic pathology in the use of new technology are analyzed and forecasted, and some of the problems encountered in our province will work in forensic pathology identification of on-site interaction and discussion.

after the training, the trainees have said the training makes them more systematic and comprehensive study and understanding of forensic pathology knowledge and skills, expand their horizons, enhance the ability to solve complex problems identified, for the future to better carry out the work of judicial identification plays an important role in promoting.


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