On a new starting point in history

yesterday, the eighteen victory closing.

eighteen party opened a new journey of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. In the face of the people’s trust and trust, out of the Great Hall of the people, on behalf of the spirit from the province grassroots level of the exciting, full of excitement., heavy responsibility and glorious mission.

in this new starting point of history, their sonorous tone, hot words, the expression of the aspirations and expectations of the people of all ethnic groups; their solemn promise, self-confidence, convey a common vision Qinghai 5 million 700 thousand children — and the national synchronized completed a comprehensive well-off society, to create a more beautiful future.

in the community for 9 years, I felt the community is a big family, community cadres like "parents" worry about the size of home affairs, the management of large and small things, although trivial but is related to the people basic necessities of life. Every community cadres to do is to do everything carefully, the party’s policy of benefiting the people, the party’s warmth and concern to the hearts of the people of the masses. – the eighteen representative Chen Fenglian

education is the cornerstone of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and social progress. To achieve a higher level of universal education, the formation of a universal education to benefit the people, to build a complete system of lifelong education, so that everyone can enjoy a more equitable, higher quality, more satisfactory education. – the eighteen representative Luo Guihua

Once again,

‘s eighteen party has brought the gospel to the countryside and farmers. I believe that the great development of rural areas will usher in a new spring, farmers, rural urbanization, agricultural industrialization of production and lifestyle, will become a reality, so that we live more comfortable, more happy. – the eighteen representative Deng Shengzhi

as an industrial worker, witnessed the development of enterprises from weak to strong, realize the vitality of enterprises in innovation, enterprise innovation in hope. Innovation is the sound and rapid development of the enterprise, as long as the spirit of innovation and development, our enterprises will be bigger and stronger. – the eighteen representative Qiao Mingming

I want to do a disabled welfare

next year, but also to do a mare winery, established a yak breeding association…… All in all, I’m going to build a new countryside in our village, which is starring Zhao Benshan. I want to say to the people that as long as we follow the party, a better life is waiting for us. – the eighteen representatives only layer Ma

firmly establish the "people’s livelihood is no small matter" concept, doing fine, do the United States city village, do fine social management innovation, practical livelihood efforts aimed at small and large scale, realize the dedication to education employment medical and old-age care and live in, to enhance people’s happiness index". – the eighteen representative Ju Wenbin

the revival of a nation is bound to be accompanied by the development of culture, the prosperity of a country, must be inseparable from the prosperity of culture. Eighteen to the great development of cultural prosperity pointed out the direction. As an art worker to rehearse and play well;

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