Xining City the RS donation to poor farmers in Huangyuan county to love

Xining City, the IRS enthusiastic to Huangyuan County farmers love, recently, the tax cadres to Huangyuan County Temple Zhai, sun and moon Tibetan Township condolences to poor families.

Sun Township and Temple Township is an alpine region, affected by wind, drought, hail and other disaster factors, has not been out of poverty. In order to help the poor people, Xining tax bureau to carry out "Party branch in hand twinning activities, positive for the poor people to send clothes to send to send cash, the warmth of the party and sent to the hands of the masses of poor care. Before the Spring Festival, they sent to poor villagers of flour, rice, edible vegetable oil, to send school supplies and tuition for the poor students to send clothes 1650, fine Lun 83 blankets, money equivalent to 12857 yuan, 12100 yuan donation. (author: Wang Shushan)


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