Second provincial inspection teams stationed in the provincial Office of the provincial policy resea

according to the provincial unified deployment, provincial inspection teams stationed in the second provincial office, the provincial policy research to carry out inspections for a period of two months of special. In November 30th and December 1st respectively, inspections held a mobilization meeting, the provincial second inspection team leader Liu Jianqing made a mobilization speech, the Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary General Wang Yubo, provincial Party committee zhengyanshi (provincial reform office) deputy director Wang Changan position statement. Xin Yunbo, deputy head of the group, and all the members of the inspection team to participate in the mobilization of the meeting of the.

Liu Jianqing pointed out that the inspection is an important duty given by the party constitution, is an important means to strengthen the party’s supervision and strict party discipline is the party’s strategic institutional arrangements. Inspection work should focus on the core issue of the party’s construction, a firm political orientation, improve political stance, find political bias, efforts to enhance the political effects of inspections. To persevere in Ji, focus, focus, focus, in-depth understanding of the party organization and party leaders respect the constitution, adhere to the ideals and beliefs of the purpose, implement the party’s policy, the implementation of the central spirit of the eight provisions, strictly implement the overall responsibility and oversight responsibility, continue to find problems to ensure the effectiveness of inspection work.

Wang Yubo said that the second provincial inspection teams to carry out special inspections of the general office of the provincial Party committee, provincial Party committee is the actual action to implement the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, is the office of political discipline, political rules of the "comprehensive review", but also to the office of the Party member leading cadres of the "comprehensive consultation", is the comprehensive construction the office of the political examination and political concern, is bound to the general office of the provincial Party committee to strengthen party building work, the full implementation of strict responsibility, and promote sound and rapid development of the work have a great role in promoting.

Wang Yubo stressed that the office of the Party member cadre from politics, stressing the overall situation of the party spirit, to fully understand the significance of the inspection work, combined with the study and implement the party’s spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, and effectively put ideas into provincial deployment and inspections required to. To support and cooperate with the special inspection work as an important work of the general office of the provincial Party committee, to correct understanding and positive attitude, work effectively, voluntarily accept the supervision and inspection, the implementation of best efforts, focus on reform, to ensure the smooth conduct inspections.

Wang Changan said, take this tour as a process of discovery and solve problems, consciously do discipline, actively cooperate with and accept supervision, earnestly fulfill their political responsibilities, grasp the inspection found problems in the implementation of the rectification.


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