Six households have been investigated and dealt with Xining refined oil scrapped automobile dismantl

at the end of July, the administrative Industrial and Commercial Bureau rectification inspection Xining scrap car recycling market and oil market, to regulate the market circulation and operation order. Inspection, a total of six do not comply with the provisions of the law households are investigated according to law.

it is understood that the special rectification is mainly based on whether the operating conditions and requirements, whether there is a super range of business practices, etc.. Law enforcement officers to focus on the inspection of 30 gas stations in Xining, as well as the dismantling of the 8 companies engaged in the business of scrapped cars. At present, law enforcement officers have been to Huangyuan Haiyuan gas station and 5 suspected counterfeit gasoline business enterprises, issued a notice to correct the illegal, and to investigate and punish the illegal trade in scrap auto parts Xining Shenfei recycling scrap car dismantling companies operating the Department of Datong second.


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