Xining private cars increased female driver traffic accidents increased

reporter learned from the traffic police department, in recent years, with the growth of private cars in Xining, a minor traffic accidents increased significantly, the female driver of traffic accident prone, female novice has become the main growth point of traffic accidents".

recently, the reporter found along with the traffic police department inspection on the road, there are many problems of the female driver novice, their driving experience is not long, there are some new vehicles on the card is just. It is understood that from the beginning of last year, the school’s students, the proportion of women increased, in the new female driver, the real car owners or very few, most people just act as a private car "deputy". According to a school principal, a lot of female drivers in the car and with the lack of coordination, throttle when the brake, rear end, flameout, back against the wall and other phenomena often occur, these are because they had an emergency panic caused by improper measures; in addition, in the case of slow speed, long time in the fast lane, lane change when the surrounding environment is not observed, female rookie mistakes. Traffic police department pointed out that some women wear high heels or wear a skirt, it will affect the driving, with the increasing temperature, the rate of traffic accidents caused by female drivers are rising. Traffic police department to remind the majority of female drivers, in order to drive safety, do not wear high heels and skirts while driving, do not hang the decorations in the car affect the line of sight.


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