Xining campus classic reading a hundred flowers contend in beauty

In March 27th, in my view, Gate Street Primary School to start reading the Chinese classics theme activities in primary and middle schools in the city, in 35 schools in four districts of Xining, hundreds of moral vice president, cadres and counselors to participate in the ceremony, and to observe the Xining and achieved fruitful results in the city since the school reading Chinese classics.

it is understood that the theme is Xining Chong Ying seized one of the important contents of the city, through reading activities let the children accept the influence of Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture, better inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional virtue, and strengthening students’ culture, arouse students’ patriotic emotion; through reading activities, let students understand Xining Qinghai distant ancient national history pioneering and innovative work history, inspire students to my hometown, love home, home building enthusiasm for the creation of a harmonious civilization in Xining all round contribute their wisdom and strength. In view of the scene, the door "listen to the voice of the Flower Street Primary School" theme activities to win the applause, teachers and students live show to recite the poem "Qinghai grass", "spring", "heart", "spring snow" · and a small chorus "early spring", make the campus classic reading the results of the school-based curriculum shine, won the applause. It is reported that after a city, the Xining campus of the Chinese classic reading activities have a trend, All flowers bloom together. Zhengyan Doo Yan city’s elementary and middle school students, love, close to the classic habit of the basic form of Ancient Chinese Literature Search.


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