Xining introduced heavy pollution weather emergency plan to maximize the protection of air quality

Xining municipal government recently issued the "Xining heavy pollution weather emergency plan (for Trial Implementation)". For different levels of air pollution in the future, Xining will take the appropriate emergency plan to maximize the protection of air quality, protect the health of the people of the public.

has effect on the establishment of heavy pollution weather, heavy pollution weather emergency mechanism, improve the prediction, early warning and emergency response ability of city weather heavy pollution, heavy pollution weather emergency work to ensure the efficient and orderly manner, to reduce the heavy pollution weather hazards, protect environmental safety and public health, promote social harmony, according to Xining City, the relevant laws and regulations, formulated and promulgated the "Xining heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Trial)". Plan to take into account the severity of atmospheric pollution and the duration of the development of early warning grading. In the light of the order of three grade, two grade, early warning level, marked with yellow, orange, red, but also a clear warning and specific circumstances, termination rules, processes and various types of air pollution emergency response measures.

in order to better prevent and control air pollution, Xining set up a heavy pollution weather emergency command. The formation of a comprehensive coordination, early warning and monitoring, emergency organizations, news propaganda, supervision and inspection and expert judgments composed of a comprehensive command system. According to the air pollution situation, headquarters decided to start, can have the limitation of the termination of the emergency response; unified command heavy pollution weather emergency work, study to determine the major decision-making and guidance; report the emergency response to the municipal government and higher authorities; the approval of the relevant information; to coordinate and solve the emergency required personnel, materials and equipment equipment and emergency funds.


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