Xining City Health Bureau during the Spring Festival to increase the number of carbon monoxide poiso

the morning of February 1st, the City Health Bureau issued a bulletin during the Spring Festival the city’s health safety and emergency monitoring of the situation, pointed out that in January 25th to January 31st during the Spring Festival, the city did not occur in public health emergencies, all kinds of medical institutions at all levels where a total of 1393 patients, the poisoned 27 people (20 people, 4 people, carbon monoxide poisoning pesticide poisoning alcohol poisoning 3 people), accidental injuries to 420 passengers (beaten or stabbed, injured, hurt firecrackers etc.), the other 946 passengers. All the patients were treated in time, no deaths.

according to the monitoring results of infectious diseases showed that during the Spring Festival, my city there were 92 cases of infectious diseases, no infectious disease, 81 cases of class B infectious diseases, 11 cases of class C and other infectious diseases, the main diseases were tuberculosis, hepatitis, dysentery, measles, hepatitis C, no unexplained pneumonia and people cases of bird flu.

at the same time, food hygiene supervision results show that during the Spring Festival, the city’s no occurrence of food poisoning, health supervision Urban County dispatched inspection vehicles 53 times, inspection personnel 251 passengers, check 860 units, and 23 units of sanitation problems were given administrative punishment ordered rectification, fines, fines accumulated 2800 yuan.


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