Seven plate 207 activities three day dress

in order to further promote and practice the socialist core values, inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, rich and active masses of all ethnic groups in the city festival culture life, guide the masses to develop a healthy and civilized lifestyle, recently, the "Xining 2016 New Year’s day, spring Festival, the Lantern Festival (hereinafter referred to as the" three day ") the introduction of mass culture and the winter tour of Xining activities implementation plan", the programme is divided into seven sections containing 207 activities.

it is reported that this year’s "three Festival" of mass culture and winter tour of Xining’s theme is to play a harmonious note · I wish people happy ", adhere to the" close to life, close to reality, the masses "principle, to meet the growing cultural needs of the people as the starting point, carry out rich and colorful cultural activities, festive and let the people enjoy the joy brought by cultural activities; adhere to the" government led, market operation, social participation principle, creative culture mode, encourage cultural enterprises to participate in the "three day" activities, mobilize social forces to provide services, promote cultural activities of diversification; adhere to the "small, scattered, and frugal cultural Huimin" principle and to "safe and orderly" guidelines "to the satisfaction of the masses" and "public benefit" for the purpose, to the people of all ethnic groups and the majority of the city’s Nanjing Visitors presented a cultural feast.

aims to combine Xining city to create a national civilized city, create a national public cultural service system demonstration area and the creation of the National Tourism Standardization Demonstration City, the government leading, social coordination, regional cooperation and public participation, organize the content rich and diverse forms, wide coverage, high degree of participation in a series of activities to further promote. And practice the socialist core values, showing Xining multicultural customs and cultural charm, to create a warm and festive, civilized and harmonious, safe and orderly atmosphere of the festival, "three Festival" culture brand reputation, rich connotation of "winter tour Xining" activity, promote the development of tourism and cultural integration, so that the people of all ethnic groups in the city to spend a happy and peaceful holiday. Consists of: two, as the new year begins Spring Spring Festival, Spring Festival downtown Xilinmen products, safe The spring comes in full form. dance of Spring Festival, Spring Festival, six words Five blessings descend upon the house into the grass, warm spring spring festival brand seven seven plate a total of 207 events. From December 8, 2015 to start the new year’s day, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, mass culture and winter tour activities in Xining start ceremony, continued until mid 2016 next year in mid March.


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