Provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Bank of communications Wang Guos

  in August 12th, the provincial government and the Bank of communications signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Hao Peng met with Bank of communications chairman Niu Ximing and his party. Hao Peng, Niu Ximing attended the signing ceremony.

Wang Guosheng, Hao Peng welcomed the trip to visit the green line of, thanks to the Bank of communications has long given support for the development of Qinghai. Wang Guosheng said that the Bank of communications is one of China’s five largest state-owned joint-stock banks, a wide range of business, strong. At present, Qinghai is to conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "three solid" major requirements, to protect the ecological environment, efforts to promote green development, vigorously implement the poverty alleviation, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of economic operation, the cause of the province’s booming. The hope that the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to further strengthen the recycling economy, new energy and new materials industries, infrastructure and other areas of cooperation, promote the financial industry and the depth of integration and development, to provide strong financial support for Qinghai to promote economic restructuring and transformation and upgrading.

Hao Peng said that since the Bank of communications in Qinghai, to serve the real economy, and constantly optimize the credit structure for the province’s economic and social development has played an important role. Qinghai is currently in a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society, the provincial government adhere to the concept of priority to ecological protection coordination to promote economic and social development, and make efforts to build a harmonious beauty of Qinghai is doing better, the more urgent need to include more support in all aspects of Bank of communications in the. We hope that the two sides will continue to expand and deepen cooperation in various fields and at different levels, and build a long-term, stable and win-win comprehensive cooperative relations to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

Niu Ximing thanked the Qinghai provincial government to the Bank of communications in the green development to give strong support. He said that Qinghai’s economic and social development has maintained a good momentum for the bank to provide a good opportunity to invest in green. The bank and the Qinghai provincial government signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the two sides opened a new chapter in cooperation. The bank will rely on international and integrated business advantage, through credit, investment banking, trust, leasing and other means, continue to increase in Qinghai Province, financial services support, promote the development of the bank itself in the service of economic and social development in Qinghai.

provincial Party committee, deputy governor Zhang Guangrong, deputy governor of the provincial government and the Bank of communications, vice president Wang signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Zhang Guangrong delivered a speech at the signing ceremony. According to the agreement, "13th Five-Year" period, the bank will in the credit policy and credit scale of Qinghai provincial key projects and enterprises to tilt, to provide a total of 50 billion yuan credit line interest to Qinghai Province, and in the loan approval process and other support.


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