Xining’s first youth entrepreneurship contest ended successfully

September 5th, the first Xining youth entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in the studio of Xining TV station, from in the semi-finals in the top 10 players in the fierce competition, and ultimately, the great beauty of Qinghai wisdom tourism system venture project won the first prize, and received 50 thousand yuan bonus entrepreneurship.

Xining first youth entrepreneurship competition organized by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Xining municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, the county people’s government, the municipal Party committee, women’s federations, federations, Xining TV, Xining evening news, Xining Radio Co Xining first youth entrepreneurship contest was officially launched in May 26th, in four months in time, the Organizing Committee of the contest promotion activities, promotion activities, the main propaganda contest of entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial incubator construction, and organize the contest site registration activities.

this contest aims to further encourage and promote entrepreneurship to promote employment, stimulate the enthusiasm of the people of entrepreneurship, attracting outstanding entrepreneurial talent and entrepreneurial projects settled in Xining. Those who have entrepreneurial intentions, ready to start a business or are beginning to venture individuals and groups have entered the contest. Reporters learned that the contest since its inception, received a total of more than and 400 copies of the business plan, the organizing committee according to the actual situation, the screening of 287 outstanding business plan of preliminaries and semi-finals, 10 outstanding young entrepreneurs finally carried out on the final finals.

on the day of the final scene, his business plan shows the players through the PPT display, experts questioning, expert comments and other aspects of the three, according to the expert team scoring results, won the first prize of the great beauty of Qinghai wisdom tourism system team, given a bonus of 50 thousand yuan; the wisdom of the community public service platform of Qinghai APP, relief time property bottle won the two prize, reward 30 thousand yuan respectively, to obtain third-prize players 20 thousand reward. Reporters learned that this time the top three young entrepreneurs have commercial value and market value of the project, and has a certain amount of employment.

in addition, the organizing committee decided on the winners in Xining project incubation base to give 100 thousand yuan, two first prize winners prize 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan third-prize players to support the venture capital outstanding project (the first stage in the top 20 in 123 award of the remaining 14 entrepreneurial projects settled to give 10000 yuan) to support the venture capital. The top 100 entrepreneurs settled in Xining comprehensive business incubators can provide 5-10 million full discount free counterguarantee entrepreneurs small loans.


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