Provincial discipline work started in 2016 provincial authorities discipline supervision and inspect

Recently, the Provincial Discipline Committee held a coordination meeting, starting in 2016, the provincial organs of discipline inspection and supervision of the work style, to promote the normalization of the provincial organs of discipline construction style, long-term.

Provincial Discipline Committee for the style construction of "grasping the characteristics and laws of a grasp on the improvement, a loose loose on the rebound, arrange from late March to the end of November, an important node with clear, 51, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, national day and other time and regular supervision and inspection, in the catch often, often grasping efforts signal, sustained release will be strict discipline supervision, Party cadres always tighten the string of style and discipline, strengthen the style construction on the road forever" thought.

Provincial Discipline Committee to take "full coverage + acupuncture style" approach, year of the 66 provincial units all checked, then acupuncture type inspection of subordinate units, while the 2015 has checked the implementation of the rectification unit situation looking back". Check the situation on the spot feedback and signature endorsement, found that the implementation of the rectification of the problem and the implementation of the province’s clean government accountability assessment.

mainly focus on the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection "in 2016 the work style and discipline supervision and inspection work program" arrangements, highlighting the discipline of the party, implementation of the two responsibilities implementation, important nodes and key links, breach of integrity and discipline, work style and discipline related matching measures seven aspects to carry out supervision and inspection. At the same time, the Commission for Discipline Inspection Building, stealth four winds and other issues to carry out in-depth research.


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