Zhang Ximing stressed in Xining college entrance examination work together to create a good faith f

6 7, the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister, the provincial education leading group leader Zhang Ximing to Xining education examination command center to check the work of the college entrance examination.

in Xining education examination command center, a large screen display test sites in order. Zhang Ximing to adhere to the position of the province’s examination and examination personnel expressed sympathy and gratitude for the province’s 40 thousand candidates to express cordial greetings and good wishes. He pointed out that the national college entrance examination is the first exam, which is related to national development plans, related to the core interests of the majority of candidates and their families, is related to social harmony and stability. Provincial government attaches great importance to the work of the college entrance examination, repeated deployment, from all aspects of the college entrance examination work to carry out a comprehensive inspection and investigation of hidden dangers, do a lot of fruitful work.

Zhang Ximing stressed that this year’s college entrance examination is a history of the most stringent test ", is the" criminal law "(Amendment nine) and the new version of the" Education Law "after the implementation of the college entrance examination for the first time," cheating "," training "and other acts are clear in crime, the Ministry of Education issued consecutive information, to remind the candidates to comply with discipline and refused to cheat. On the one hand, we must strictly enforce the law and discipline, all aspects of cheating and cheating in the crackdown, punished. On the other hand, parents, schools and society should guide the candidates in the college entrance examination at the same time, the integrity of the examination of the pass, only remember integrity fairness, integrity assurance of life, integrity, and jointly create a fair environment for the college entrance examination in our province with practical action.

in the morning, the province’s college entrance examination team went to Haidong and other places to check the security of the examination room, inspection Shi shi.


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