Out of Qinghai artists work tasting salon held in Xining

"Life is four

, eight life rhyme, fancies of men of letters:" Ya ", this poem and wine tea fancies of men of letters", the relationship between calligraphy and tea more closely, one is the quintessence of a country is to drink a pot of tea, a hint of calligraphy and painting, the most beautiful time, can arouse the consciousness. Tea helps the literati thought, tea on the road, in the gentle and warm style, while tea, side brush, with the feelings of another very different.

days ago, sponsored by Qinghai Artists Association, Jin Sha, Qianmo hosted the tea house design, Qinghai Tea Culture Association, Qinghai painting and calligraphy collectors association "and" art tea friends · out of Qinghai artists in the Jin Sha palace held tea tasting salon.

in guzheng melodious mountain, tasting will be kicked off. In appreciation of the national senior tea Dahongpao tea ceremony after Ms. Chen Hongru, participants while tasting tea the academic forum: first vice chairman of the Qinghai Provincial Federation of Party members, Mr. Ma Youyi for everyone to do a painting and calligraphy and tea ceremony guests in Gui Jun academic report, the teacher gave us gently tells the story of his personal experience and understanding of painting. Professor Xue and use simple language to talk about the influence of his hometown in Qinghai for his painting and painting and the feelings of hometown.


, all the friends visited the Qinghai Artists Association, Qinghai painting and calligraphy Collectors Association sent exhibition of Zhu Naizheng, Ma Xiguang, Hubei GUI Jun, Xue and Mr. art. In exchange for freedom, pleasure, calligrapher Gao Haiyuan, Sha Yunong, Ma Yan, Zhang Shengfu, Shi friend, Hu Jinfeng, Mr. Xie Junyuan and Mr. Ma Delong left Arabic calligrapher calligraphy to everyone, Ma Siyuan and Mr. Zhu Zhenmin also brought exquisite tea culture calligraphy works.


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