Hu Changsheng stressed the efforts of the old cadres in the University of the university to do a bet

recently, the provincial Party committee, organization minister Hu Changsheng to the provincial cadres of the university research school building, view the teaching place, watching teaching, visiting students, and teachers and students on behalf of the forum.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that the old cadres of university is the important carrier to meet the demand of old cadres of spiritual and cultural life, is an important bridge linking the party and government cadres, unite the old cadres, cadres is an important basis of strengthening ideological and political construction. To put the veteran cadres on the important agenda of the University, and strive to do more on the level of older cadres, more quality.

Hu Changsheng stressed that we should respect, the political and ideological care, life care of old cadres, seize the pulse of the times, active exploration and innovation, focusing on how to make the old comrades more happiness in life, richer and more health management and teaching, do politics, scientific knowledge, on the whole, strengthen standardization the construction of University cadres.

Hu Changsheng, to follow the "teaching and learning, music, as" the principle of combining, in accordance with the "growth of knowledge, rich life, edify sentiment, health promotion, community service" purposes, strengthen the training of teachers, teaching organization and management innovation, and the construction of university cadres become lifelong learning, to cultivate the garden the sentiment of the pleasure garden, carry forward the traditional model of the park, to boost the development of the vitality of the garden.

During the

investigation, Hu Changsheng visited condolences to some retired cadres in Xining, on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government sent them a blessing for the elderly.


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