Tea lattice fragrant two highway opened to traffic today

The reporter learned from the October 19th

Qinghai Provincial Transportation Bureau held a press conference, our province’s first two completed the longest mileage tea card to Golmud highway, the main road of the new Sichuan green channel to the Xiangride Huashixia Expressway opened 20 days.

a total length of 470.22 km, a total investment of 10 billion 691 million yuan of tea card to Golmud expressway is an important part of the national highway network Beijing to Lhasa line, is our province highway network planning "ten vertical and four horizontal line" in the second cross, east of Tibetan Haixi Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of tea Wulan County town of card, check in Golmud City, the national highway network, the western region highway network and highway network in Qinghai province in the important position of the East and the west.

a total length of 155.19 km, a total investment of 4 billion 573 million yuan of Xiangride to HUASHIXIA expressway, East Sichuan ABA and Chengdu, west of the Golmud Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang and the Tarim Basin, is an important part of Xinjiang, Qinghai and the region of Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone channel, is part of the western development on the road in the planning scheme of Aletai Guangzhou expressway.

according to the Qinghai transportation department deputy director Tao Yongli introduction, the two freeway has crossed the Gobi desert and Sanjiang source nature reserve, multi-point line length, ecologically fragile, difficult construction, the construction project belongs to the typical plateau.

in this regard, the builders always adhere to the "no damage protection" is the greatest idea, take "the prevention, recovery, governance and improving the" four environmental protection measures, special design of landscape engineering, a separate tender for greening projects, on bare slope and slag field turf laid back, planting trees, green coverage invested 58 million 660 thousand yuan, respectively, 21 million 190 thousand yuan planting Xinjiang Yang, sea buckthorn, Nitraria plants suitable for local growth, opened up a more than 4 thousand square meters of the "spirit of the forest", become a beautiful scenery along the road.

lattice, fragrant tea Expressway opened to traffic, will further improve the regional road network, the development and utilization of the western region of Qinghai and the Qaidam circular economic zone resources in the west area of Qinghai economic center and economic radiation function enhanced West Coast region, along the line to improve the living and production conditions of farmers and promote national unity, with guidance and support an important role along the regional economic and social development and.

it is understood that the tea, fragrant flowers and opened this month at the beginning of the Dechamps Expressway in November 12th will be the formal operation of toll.

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