A province of China won the first gold medal

The fifth

Chinese Charity Project Exchange Exhibition on the afternoon of 25 winners announced, from the province of the "colorful dream" fair trade projects, won the gold medal contest, this is the highest award for the first time in the field of charity in our province.

The fifth

Chinese Charity Project Exchange Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China CI Exhibition") opened in Shenzhen on 23 May, from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the Hong Kong and Macao more than 2 thousand and 600 charitable organizations, enterprises and individuals and 75 international NGOs and other exhibitors participating, since the contest started received a total of 1128 entries, through the qualifying race, qualifying and final contests, were selected out of 100 winning projects.

it is understood that the "colorful dream" fair trade project is based on a Qinghai young rural migrant workers, women and children to stay at home for the background of the rural women in Tu traditional crafts show plate handicrafts produced by participating in the project, art exhibition, trade, product sales of three-dimensional cross advantage, let the minority women make the handicraft products can even bargain by this mode, through fair trade patterns, the formation of mutual support of production and sales, improve the economic income and social status of women, but also the intangible cultural heritage protection.

workers at the provincial Civil Affairs Department delegates Yin Rongxia said, China CI exhibition is an international charity event, our province’s "colorful dream" fair trade in the country nearly a project talent shows itself in this project, with praise demonstration and leading role for the development of Qinghai local social work.


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