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Huangyuan conscientiously implement the two plenary session of the thirteen session of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the city based on further promote clean government culture "into six" activities, to carry out exploration of incorruptible culture into scenic spots, in the hospital, into the mall, the project of "six plus four" Xining mode, strengthen leadership, meticulous organization, to timely the arrangements for the deployment, the township and units of positive action, innovative mobile carrier, rich content, loved by the masses through various forms of activities, so that the cultural activities and carry out the "64 plus".

is a independent culture into campus activities rich in content. The "61", to "sow seeds, cultivate modern citizens honesty" as the theme, combined with the ideological and moral construction of minors, the honest education into the moral construction, campus culture construction, creating a "yasunao Chong Jie" campus culture atmosphere, and strive to achieve a probity culture communication position, honest education practice. The primary and secondary schools through the school open column, publicity windows, newspapers, magazines, radio, newspaper, campus publicity and the establishment of "the library bookshelf" in schools, strengthen the cultural communication, combine the honesty education in the construction of campus culture. In addition, by holding the painting and calligraphy exhibition, performances, knowledge competitions and related content and the honesty education of social practice, learning and communication, class team activities, so that party members and cadres, teachers and students to accept the culture imperceptibly.

two is a independent culture into the family activities continue to innovate. With "self-cultivation, healthy and civilized" as the theme, combined with the creation of civilized family activities, to carry out the activities of family education to help low-cost culture to foster the rule of virtue, to support the poor family good habits. County Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "letter" the families of leading cadres of the county’s 130 leading cadres’ families, advocate the importance of family activities, I hope the families to become "the good wife, Lian wife, at the same time, but also as the leading cadres of the" clean government overseers". The hope of leading cadres and their families to pay attention to and grasp their own image and influence, consciously abide by the provisions of self-discipline, build a strong family line, read "the family" good house, the rejection of corruption, to become "the honest family".

three is honest culture into the hospital activities to achieve results. In order to carry forward the spirit of advocating medical ethics, honest practice for the people as the carrier, combined with the medical and health industry style construction, the integrity of the culture into the daily work of the medical and health institutions, into their own construction. The medical unit by the medical staff to learn the knowledge, watch educational films warning education activities, set up mail and other forms of education, the majority of medical workers continue to strengthen the party spirit, ideals and faith, adhere to the occupation morality, by carrying out various educational activities, the social responsibility consciousness of medical staff and occupation morals level increasing provide high quality medical services to the people of the county.

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