How to travel around the South Beltway

The South Ring Expressway will be opened, from the starting point caojiabao West took nearly 60 kilometers south of the Beltway, to go through a total of more than and 10 interchanges and the toll station, then from the interchange and the toll station can go to where? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the Provincial Executive Board for the public to draw a detailed picture of the vehicle.

– caojiabao West toll station: located in the west of the airport about 200 meters, here is the southern Beltway east gate, with 10 lanes, the West into the Pingxi Expressway to Xining, South into the South Ring expressway.

– caojiabao Interchange: South Beltway connection Pingxi is an important hub of high-speed interchange, the extending in all directions, to the East into the Pingxi Expressway to Lanzhou, north to West caojiabao toll station to the airport, connecting South Beltway south highway; West connecting Pingxi Expressway to Xining.

– ping (Liu WAN) toll stations, toll stations, airport economic Park Peace West mainline toll station: the three sites are located in the safe area of the territory, connected peace County and Haidong Industrial Park, the station can access the safe area of the township.

– yanggouwan Interchange: the interchange is the node free interval, connecting the north to Xiakou fees through urban road station to the west to Huangyuan direction, to the east via caojiabao interchange to the airport or Lanzhou.

– Huang Zhong Lu: to interchange East District and Tonghai Road Interchange, the Lake District, East District, West Lake and the public can enter the highway through multiple entrance, convenient travel. Special note: the interchange, East people and road interchange, Shen Zhai interchange, West Street overpass is the city dock Road, the public is still not by the 4 South Ring Expressway Overpass import.

– Zha Ma Long: the overpass is located in the westernmost South Ring Expressway, is an important node connecting the Xi Huang highway, West Ring Expressway of Xining free node is the interval from the overpass to the west to Huangyuan direction, connecting the North West Huang highway.

– Haidong mainline toll station to the East: it can choose after caojiabao interchange to the airport, but also can go to the direction of Lanzhou, the west is to enter the city of Xining.

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