08 years of quality activities start to find fake goods can be called at any time 12365

9 6, 2009, with the Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau hosted the 2008 Xining quality month publicity Advisory Service Day activities launched in Xining in 2008 to launch a comprehensive quality month activities.

in order to vigorously promote the quality to win the strategy, guide and encourage social and enhance the sense of quality, efforts to form a government attaches great importance to quality, everyone is concerned about the quality of the good atmosphere, the day before, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the Provincial entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the provincial economic and Trade Commission, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the League Committee jointly issued "on the 2008 Quality Month activities of the notice". This event, quality inspection departments will be in the center square, Xining stadium and other places do not regularly set up brand-name products in Xining area and free products and technology showcase quality professional consulting platform, provide publicity and consultation service for the vast number of consumers. Free dissemination of information on the identification of counterfeit and shoddy products knowledge. Show some of the fake and shoddy goods seized by the quality supervision department law enforcement officers on the scene to explain to consumers how to identify fake and shoddy goods and rights awareness. Consumers in daily life if you encounter fake and shoddy goods, you can call at any time to make a complaint, while the quality supervision department of the Ministry of the 12365 free of charge to provide consumers with quality inspection, testing services.


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