A city a string of hit the city highlights the construction of happy Yinmahe

through extensive publicity

improve residents awareness rate of

to create a strong atmosphere. Make full use of Yinmahe Street office blog, LED display, street shops and electronic display, community bulletin boards, window, community bulletin boards and other resources, to fully publicize the significance, the goal of creating the city requirements and norms of civilized behavior, etiquette knowledge, creating a strong atmosphere made camp in the street. This year, a total of more than 80 banners hanging, the production of more than more than 70 panels, large inkjet printing of 8.

thousand propaganda team. Set up more than a thousand people composed of Yin Ma Street area a city and a city appoint work supervisor team. The members of the community staff, propagandist work for grid length, low personnel, floor director, service sector area reception staff, the property company staff, the owners’ committee, the supervisor for street two on behalf of a member of the jurisdiction of the person in charge of the unit, office personnel, long street, urban units associated personnel.

create a city of knowledge home. Were in charge of the household publicity information, in the main intersection and family building hospital on the uncivilized behavior of persuasion, in their daily work and life in a city and civilization knowledge popularization. At the same time the supervisor in the supervision of propagandist work, a city of knowledge through a variety of ways to promote. In the streets, advocates, supervisors division of labor cooperation and close coordination, strengthen the people of the area hit the city consciousness, improve the awareness rate of a city. Up to now, a total of more than 7000 copies of household promotional materials. In the streets of a city at all levels of civilized units to carry out propaganda activities, as of now, in the area of schools, institutions, enterprises, residential quarters and other places of 42 lectures.

selection of moral model

the most beautiful people moved to the public


the most beautiful people on horses. Muscat Street Party Working Committee, the office of the various cultural activities and practical activities as an important support for a city, a city of universal knowledge through lively form and rich and colorful content, enhance the jurisdiction of the masses civilized accomplishment. "The most beautiful street Yinma" has been named the two annual selection of moral models regardless of category, does not limit the occupation, regardless of nationality, through recommendation, audit, voting and other sectors, the selection of filial piety model, a model of national unity, social support, work star;

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