Datong County under the new normal seeking new leap

last year, Datong County to find shortcomings, weaknesses, breaking the difficulties, the county’s annual air quality excellent environmental average rate of 82.1%, out of a new path of environmental protection and economic development. To keep this piece of blue Datong, Datong County in 2015 will continue to carry the banner of efforts to protect the environment, let the sky bluer, the water clearer, more clean. Datong
will firmly establish the first ecological concept, main pollution reduction, the real focus on improving environmental quality; comprehensive renovation, see the effectiveness in solving the people’s livelihood; the main environmental regulation, a breakthrough in the reform of ecological field, for the comprehensive construction of Provincial Ecological Demonstration County, improve the degree of ecological civilization, to promote the county healthy and sustainable economic and social development has laid a solid foundation.
the county will pay close attention to the comprehensive management of air pollution. In order to suspended particulate matter and respirable particulate matter control as the focus, continue to carry out the construction and demolition of the construction site dust pollution, road transportation comprehensive management of two dust pollution control work, sprinkler dust, bare land greening and other comprehensive measures; pay close attention to the comprehensive treatment of water pollution. The Beichuan river pollution control as the focus, to urge the implementation of wastewater treatment and upgrading and expansion project of Qinghai Yihua Chemical Co. Ltd., the county sewage treatment plant, to ensure that the county the surface water monitoring sections meet the functional area requirements; pay close attention to environmental protection in industrial enterprises. Taking Qinghai bridge aluminum Limited by Share Ltd "big pressure on the small" project and other key governance projects focus on the total discharge of major pollutants reduction of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, gradually reduce industrial pollution accounts for the proportion of the total emissions of the pollutants; pay close attention to rural pollution. Through rural garbage, sewage collection and disposal of the village remediation projects such as rural environmental infrastructure, continue to fill the gaps, improve the environment; pay close attention to water safety regulatory environment. Conscientiously do a good job of drinking water sources surrounding the relocation of the masses, good operation of Heiquan reservoir downstream of hazardous goods transport vehicles checkpoints, ensure the Heiquan Reservoir in Xining City, fourth, sixth water environment safety; pay close attention to environmental regulation and law enforcement. Give full play to the role of grid regulation, in order to carry out a variety of environmental protection special action as the starting point, the use of good new environmental law to give legal means to illegal sewage behavior zero tolerance; pay close attention to environmental access. According to the different functional areas of the county, respectively, the establishment of the bottom line of the EIA, the implementation of the EIA approval and the "three simultaneous" system, scientific guide the rational distribution of industries; pay close attention to environmental publicity and education. Mobilize the masses to participate in environmental protection work in a variety of ways; pay close attention to the adjustment of institutional mechanisms. The scientific establishment of the environmental protection work during the "13th Five-Year plan", to revise and improve the construction of ecological civilization in Datong county the responsibility system, the establishment of joint prevention and control of air pollution, the environmental protection administrative law enforcement and judicial linkage mechanism, set up in line with the development of ecological civilization construction requirements of the target system, assessment methods and incentive mechanism, improve the environmental information disclosure and social supervision mechanism.

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