69 Soybean Milk dumplings three ways of cooperation the whole

what kind of dumpling is called the characteristic, the soybean milk dumpling is it? If you eat dumplings, you must have a good impression on it. If you are in the food and beverage market to open their own milk dumplings shop, then it will be a good decision. Now on the market dumplings very much, a dumpling shop to survive in the market, must have the characteristics of 69 Soybean Milk dumplings is a very unique one of the dumplings to join the brand, there are many loyal consumers, is a good choice to join, then the 69 Soybean Milk dumplings to join

how much money?

69 soybean dumplings join fee introduction:

, according to the official website of the official website of the introduction of the 69 soybean milk dumplings for 1-5 million according to the investment level is different, the minimum investment of ten thousand yuan, after joining the success of the 69 soybean milk dumplings, franchisees will be able to enjoy the entrepreneurial support provided by the headquarters.

69 Soybean Milk dumplings join cooperation mode:

single cooperation: 69 Soybean Milk dumpling store cooperation should be put forward to cooperation for city regional agents, hosted by the regional agency cooperation, accept the service and management.

exclusive: 69 Soybean Milk dumplings in order to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the strategic objectives to achieve long-term development, 69 Soybean Milk dumplings implementation of regional development strategy implemented by agents, regional agents directly to open outlets or join the policy to promote cooperation.

regional licensing scope: regional agents in cities. According to the relevant data of the national statistical agencies, the 69 soybean milk dumplings into the region of "mega cities, provincial capitals and developed cities, medium-sized cities," the three criteria.

69 Soybean Milk dumplings join agent 69 how many money? Soybean Milk dumplings, according to the different patterns and different shop size, need money are different! 69 Soybean Milk dumplings to join the project investment and flexible, with a variety of investment patterns, to cater to the different needs of investment opportunities, more reliable.

if you have the idea of investing 69 soybean milk dumplings, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange our staff to contact you when we see the message.

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