Western restaurant to do what preparations

Western-style food has a very big demand in the current China food market is indeed run after all, however, is also very much, therefore, if you do not do the preparatory work, open a shop is not easy. In short, the western restaurant in the Chinese market, is a higher profit catering services. The high price is mainly reflected in the cultural situation of Western food and Chinese food compared to the cost. Restaurants, especially fast food restaurants. Pay attention to the decoration, in order to create a more comfortable, clean environment to provide customers with consumption.

first of all in their own direction, is mainly to provide a staple food based western restaurant service, or comprehensive services? I refer to the comprehensive service, refers to all western food culture can be achieved as a product to sell food. For example, the most basic Italy steak; there are the characteristics of the powder, coffee and other food (Roasted Mutton is also very good, in the oven to do).

secondly, for you to provide services and consumer groups, the store features decoration. Reflects the western culture. Decoration is a science of art, rather than a simple brick wall. Decoration design, you can design the culture, you can also cater to the target consumer groups. For example, the magnificent western restaurant and leisure dining room to the guests feel completely different. The former may have more business workers, managers like to go. The latter may have more young people, the pursuit of fashion and Western culture of youth to consumption. So, the right decoration is very important to you.

in addition, there are questions about teachers and services. As we all know, food is made by people. Well, good food can attract guests to enjoy, delicious food so that guests feel satisfied with the taste. The so-called " color fragrance " with the whole, this is not false. So, when hiring the master of experience and technology is very important. If you have money to invest, please do not care about the master’s salary. Western restaurant service, you try to refer to the service industry book. Because you’re going to manage and train a lot of people, not a few people.

finally, that’s your location. Please think about your market and choose a good place. Daily expenses should also take into account the choice of the place. Rent is the most direct problem. Site selection should be the first thing to do. However, I think before choosing the location of the business address, first of all, to analyze your market, to estimate how much you can invest. Restaurant location is not too blind, not too urgent.

preparation is not a small thing, which will have a very big influence on the operation of the latter store. Of course, the late management for the development of the western restaurant also has a different influence. In short, in the course of business, to create a knowledge and a culture. It is you who create it, around your western restaurant, your service and your customers

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