Do you know the stall to sell things can have what skills you the whole

often can see a lot of people like that, no matter for what purpose, but also spread can benefit as soon as possible, is the use of spare time or, or as a business, own anyway, now more and more people set up a stall, put stalls made a profit by some people, while others only to eventually dingily ended in failure. In fact, the stall to succeed, there are skills to speak of.

now employment is a very difficult thing, many people are beginning to start, in fact we choose entrepreneurship initially a lot of people are doing some stall, small business, so as to accumulate their own experience, but also can earn a portion of the funds, the following small and say some use stall skill.

First, a

stall is the smallest independent entrepreneurs, novice to really will stall, can earn money, that is to move the brain, you must first purchase channels of money three, ensure their quality, it can find some suitable manufacturers in the region.

second, spread the life is very hard, so there must be a new y prepared, from dawn to dusk every day this is a very common thing, so we have to do these difficulties at any time to adjust the mentality of preparation at the beginning of the stall, don’t give up halfway.


third, many novice began to stall what will do, but what can be done, but you this way is one of the biggest mistakes, we do not do too miscellaneous, do not like selling merchandise, that is not enough, as long as you have succeeded as good.

fourth, a lot of new hope that their products can sell a good price, this is a mistake, you should not put their price is too high, because buyers in the bid before it has a good estimate of the seller’s commodity prices, after all, is spread to the right price.

fifth, select Street location is very important, because the main principle is to stall your goods sell more quickly to make money, not your price more money, so when you put stall must choose some of the more lively place, especially in the family area.


sixth, we remember the principle is puerile business owners pay attention to the things that you don’t commodity prices and shopping malls, but the quality of your goods more than shopping malls or with shopping malls, so you will improve the competitiveness.

small business will bring huge gains, stall too, also hope that such business choice we can better, do not think that because the stall and shopping malls have great differences, in the specific operation, do not pay enough attention, if sellers are not enough, nature is not recommended

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